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the band

We are the Amarugia Ridge Runners! Our name comes from the Amarugia Highlands conservation area south of Freeman, Missouri and roughly 49 miles south of Kansas City, Missouri. We are a group of young and adventurous musicians raised in the deep history and folklore surrounding the highlands. The Amarugia Highlands have historically been home to mysteries, moonshiners and music. Our connection to this land and love of the rich history has drawn us together. We perform a mix of folk, blues, old country, and bluegrass. We all come together to create amazing music and long-lasting memories. We hope you will join us on this exciting journey!

Amarugia Ridge-Runners


The Soles of My Shoes is Out Now!

We made plenty of memories and shared many goodtimes in 2018. We accomplished many things in 2018, playing shows and traveling many miles, releasing our record, putting our songs on most apps, meeting and making new friends, and every step of the way we had the love and support from our fans! We hope you keep following our journey as 2018 closes and we welcome 2019 with wide arms, more goals, and traveling more miles..


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